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  • Positively impacted hundreds of clients through 1 on 1 mentorship and coaching. I have worked with renowned Meditation Gurus/Masters in person, such as Sadhguru himself. I am passionate about helping others step into Divine, Blissful versions of themselves.

  • One cannot awaken the spirit without learning how to first tame the mind. Fear, Anxiety, and Depression are all simply states of an untrained mind. Through Breathe-Work, Meditation and activating the 3rd eye you can unlock a new vibrancy, energy and zest for life.

  • Syncretism enables you to activate your God mind through esoteric knowing. The Matrix cultivates exoteric belief, concepts, which are given since birth. What controls our beliefs controls our actions. An awakening usually happens through knowledge. Whether you have had a spiritual awakening or you are seeking knowledge/enlightenment you must have questions. We have answers.

The Soulution

    1. Cultivate Your Higher Self

    2. Higher Dimensional Self & Spirit Guides 

    3. The 3 Pillars Of True Success

    4. Mentality (Important)

    5. Dopamine Fasting

    6. Teaching How To Breathe Through The Diaphragm

    7. Complete Seamless Breathe

    8. Network Is Your Networth

    1. Blissipline 

    2. Cultivating blissipline

    3. Beyond limits with stillness

    1. Energy Ascension

    2. Tantric Sexual Energy Exchange

    3. Practice

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